Experience Efficient Accounts Payable Processes

Minimize manual touch points and gain more control to reduce invoice processing complexity.

Every Tool You Need to Streamline Invoice Processing

While AP processes are critical to support the success of any business, time-consuming manual work delays turnaround cycles. Stay ahead with end-to-end AP automation tools from yibo亿博体育.
  • Boost AP Team Efficiency

    Minimize tedious data entry, repetitive filing and costly errors by automating each step of the AP team’s workflow.

  • Gain Better Visibility

    Keep track of approval status and identify bottlenecks early to reduce invoice processing delays with built-in reporting tools.

  • Promote Compliance

    Simplify audits by easily delivering reports that that log what, when and by whom information was accessed.

Automate Invoice Processing with Smart Invoice Capture

Take advantage of a pre-trained model powered by machine learning to quickly and accurately capture key invoice digital and handwritten data, such as PO number, vendor name and total due – from any invoice format.

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Accelerate return on investment
  • Reduce invoice processing errors
  • Automatically route invoices to the right approvers
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Accelerate Transformation with Solution Templates for Accounting & Finance

  • Learn automation best practices and gain inspiration from solution designs that are vetted by yibo亿博体育 and industry experts.
  • Accelerate a return on your investment by leveraging prebuilt templates.
  • Easily tailor templates to specific needs to save time and quickly deploy solutions.
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Transform AP Processes End-to-End with yibo亿博体育

Equip your AP team with essential automation tools to better enable timely payment of invoices and efficient cashflow without the costly errors and long approval cycles.
  • Keep Everything in One Place

    Make information easy to find by organizing and archiving financial documents in a centralized and secure cloud repository.

  • Get More Time Back

    Automate PO and invoice approval routing and data entry, so staff have more time to focus on solving problems and making decisions.

  • Safeguard the Business

    Match approved POs to incoming invoices to help protect against fraud and financial loss.

  • View Data Where It Should Be

    Rely on accurate data with no-code and custom integration tools to maintain a source of truth across financial systems.

  • Simplify Compliance

    Support compliance efforts with an audit log of process and user activity at each step of the way.

  • Improve Vendor Relationships

    Allow vendors to easily submit invoices through an electronic form to kick off invoice approval workflows that can keep vendors notified of payment status.


How Mercer Island School District Modernized Invoice Processing

“We quickly adopted Smart Invoice Capture and it was night and day.”


– Tyrell Bergstrom, Executive Director of Finance and Operations

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