梅里凯姆是一家专注于为油气行业提供技术服务的全球性公司, and chemical and service solutions. 其专有的杂质去除工艺提高了炼油产品和油气流的质量, 该公司还对世界各地的石油和石化工厂生产的废焦碱和其他副产品进行了有益的再利用.

Merichem used yibo亿博体育 to automate a number of approval processes, centralize information and improve 信息治理. 其结果是减少了员工的负担,以满足iso9001的所有要求, ASME and other documentation requirements, an increase in information accuracy and productivity, 以及为客户提供更快的周转时间——对于专注于在快速变化的环境中安全高效地运营的组织来说,所有这些都是关键的改进, 高度监管的行业.

“There has been a lot of change in the oil and gas industries,艾米·马吉说, project controls manager at Merichem. “过去,招聘一群人并不是什么大事,因为这个行业赚了很多钱. 它永远不会像过去那样,成本节约变得更重要了. 这个行业的每个人都在努力更好地了解他们是如何使用资金和如何运作的, so we can do things differently and more efficiently.”

Putting Quality and Safety First

你有三个.S. offices and over 1000 treating units in refineries in 53 countries, 梅里凯姆必须遵守包括ISO在内的众多安全标准, 美国机械工程师协会(ASME)和其他与压力容器和炼油设备相关的组织.

“Quality and safety are extremely important to us,艾米·马吉说, project controls manager at Merichem. “We need to ensure our systems are built to the right standards. Data sheets are needed for equipment; drawings for construction; plus a lot of testing has to be done. 任何操作yibo亿博体育设备或yibo亿博体育购买设备的人都需要知道他们在做什么.”

公司最初需要一个新的集中式文档存储库, 但Magee也意识到公司的需求不仅仅是数字存储. “yibo亿博体育需要能够管理客户的许可证,并赋予他们对单个文件夹的访问权限,”她说, 他补充说,员工以前必须通过电子表格或Word文档手动跟踪对特定文件夹的访问. “We also have to track versions of documents, and when we disseminate information or updates, we need to know if and when documents are received and reviewed.”

Another essential component of Merichem’s operations, 数据的书, were time intensive to compile, and were often still printed on paper and sent to customers. When a project was completed, employees had to compile anywhere from 10 to 20 books—with about 750,000 pages in each book—in a short time frame. PDFs were manually uploaded, and any time a change is made, it must be carefully tracked and sent to the customer as well. This resulted in increased overtime hours at the end of every project. “Data books were being printed, and employees had to manually mark up the individual copies,”麦基说. “They then had to scan the page back in, and there was no way to know if a customer had opened or looked at it. It was just a monotonous process. You had to check that you didn’t duplicate efforts. A lot had to be done to ensure the information was correct.

yibo亿博体育的周期非常快,很多项目都是快速通道,”马吉补充说. “Manual work was delaying our processes, 员工们必须加班,才能在规定的时间内完成工作.”

The company ultimately turned to Accelerated Information Systems, a yibo亿博体育 Solution Provider, to implement a yibo亿博体育 system that would enable access control, provide tracking capabilities and automate manual processes, including data book compilation.

“Safety is serious business at Merichem,查希尔少爷说, president of Accelerated Information Systems. “With yibo亿博体育 we’ve automated a critical but monotonous task, freeing employees to work on more important projects.”

Control, Automate, Transform

Today, Merichem uses yibo亿博体育 for 文档管理; yibo亿博体育 provides granular security control so that individual employees are no longer tasked with tracking access to information. 以前,项目助理平均花费750个小时——大约是一个典型项目收费时间的一半——向多个外部团体上传和传输文件. Today, they have reduced that by about one-third, or 250 hours.

中心化系统还允许员工增强搜索功能, saving additional time finding information. “yibo亿博体育对之前使用的软件最大的抱怨之一是,你必须知道你要搜索的东西的确切名称,”麦基说. “Being able to use yibo亿博体育 and do partial or fuzzy searches, and search through OCR and metadata has been huge for us.”

Beyond improving the management of information, Merichem使用yibo亿博体育实现数据本编写过程的自动化. 今天,员工只需要遵循文件的命名惯例和一个 自动化工作流 在30分钟到2小时的时间内完成数据本的编制,而这一过程过去需要整整一周的时间.

“我得到了很多反馈,认为yibo亿博体育yibo亿博体育的员工的生活更轻松. 这对yibo亿博体育部门内外以及整个组织都产生了积极的影响. 它有助于yibo亿博体育所有的员工,减轻与截止日期相关的压力, yibo亿博体育能够加快向客户准备和提交数据本的周转时间. The end of a project is always a stressful time period, but it’s much easier now since very little manual work has to be done. yibo亿博体育不会在结束的时候那么匆忙,每个人都在加班.”

—Amy Magee, Project Controls Manager at Merichem

Continued Improvements, New Efficiencies

梅里凯姆继续探索yibo亿博体育的新用途,并提高整个组织的效率. 下一个, the company has plans to implement yibo亿博体育 for specifications review, another time-intensive and paper-driven process. 马吉解释说,员工们还将在运输和接收方面使用yibo亿博体育, 允许员工在运输前使用平板电脑对材料进行拍照, so that they can upload them to the yibo亿博体育 mobile app. 这将有助于员工在离开办公场所前确保公司有物品的确切状况的记录, helping to fulfill requirements of ISO 9001.

Magee encourages her team members to obtain yibo亿博体育认证 and get involved with process improvement. “yibo亿博体育 has helped in a lot of aspects,” Magee added. “It’s helped to keep everyone on track, and now as we are overseeing and facilitating work, yibo亿博体育能够确保人们拥有他们需要的工具,以便及时地向客户提供重要信息.”